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Clients that have worked with me


Ai Sugiyama, Jill Craybas, Nicole Arendt, Corina Morariu, Justin Gimelstob, Rika Fujiwara, Tamarine Tanasugarn and Ryoko Fuda


Danny Way, Rob Dyrdek, Paul Rodriguez, Colin McKay, Pierre Luc Gagon, Bucky Lasek, Jamie Thomas and Bob Burnquist.


Michellie Jones, Kate Major and Katja Schumacher


Laird Hamilton and Brad Gerlach


Kier Dillon, Circe Wallace and Anne Molin


Axel Merck and Sean De Grunchy


Jeff Emig and Tara Llanes


Gabby Reece


Garrett Hughes

I believe everyone has an achievement they are longing for - a moment in time where they can realise the aspirations of their inner champion...

For Danny Way it was jumping the Great Wall of China...

... Other clients of mine have used my training to experience significant moments of achievement including:

  • Better levels of confidence and conviction in life purpose

  • Greater daily energy and capacity

  • Supports individual & personal growth

  • Provides clarity for individuals ready to Hack Their Human

  • Helps you better understand your strengths and weaknesses

  • Unlocks new awareness of personal traits via DNA & biometrics

You may not aspire to be a world class athlete, but if you're committed to hacking your human to achieve more "Champion Moments" then you should apply for the "Hacking Your Human" program.

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