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“When You Truly Understand Your Human’s Unique Code, 
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Alexandra Laws


The Vitality Program


Sleep is the most under rated performance hack that can unlock a new level of daily capacity for your human, Discover why...


Your conscious and subconscious thoughts have a significant impact on your current performance and the future you are creating for yourself.


Moving your human allows your body to function at its best. This doesn't mean hitting the gym every day or running a marathon - it can be much easier than that!


You are what you eat? Your body has a unique and individual preference to the foods and diet that can best support the levels of energy your inner champion desires...

Used by extraordinary humans to unlock
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Danny Way

Rob Dyrdek

Ai Sugiyama

Discover which of the four mechanisms to human performance are holding you back and limiting your potential...

About Alexandra

“I help Elite athletes and Executives to be top performers by understanding (and hacking) the four mechanisms of human performance.”

As a former professional triathlete, Alex has won world championship medals and represented Australia four times on the global stage.

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